When COVID-19 came along...

It was the impetus we needed to get going. We saw the great need out there – and got to work using our skills and resources to promote healthy lives, workplaces, social gatherings, and futures.

The third door

More than the road less traveled, this door leads to the road that hasn’t been built yet! We are resourceful, proactive, and always forge ahead to find a new, uncharted path.

Go beyond

Wellness 4 Humanity requires an adventurous spirit. We commit to uncertain outcomes, but we jump in whole-heartedly, determined to climb to the summit.

Own it

We believe in owning our actions, not renting. Our approach requires us to be all-in, confident, and yes, even willing to fail.

Every individual has the right to find out their own health information and chart their own path. Whether you use the results to launch a fitness plan, target certain conditions, or simply mark progress and find peace of mind.
We believe in every individual’s unique life destination, and we believe in a personalized service to get there. Our wellness concierge staff set us apart, offering uncommon customer service.
We learn about your goals and use that information to find the tests you need for your own Journey to Wellness.