how to safely gather

Step 1:
Thermo Deck
Wellness for Humanity
  • Non-Contact Temperature Screening Kiosk
  • Helps Prevent Spread of Virus
  • Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Early Detection
Step 2:
Safe Screening
Wellness for Humanity
  • Contactless COVID-19 Screening in Seconds
  • Multi-spectral cameras paired with proprietary AI provide an immediate assessment; checking for multiple symptoms based on a medically- based algorithm, concluding individual is either safe (green light) or a potential risk (red light).
  • Symptoms Scanned
    1. Congestion
    2. Headache
    3. Redness of Eyes
    4. Sweat Gland Activation
    5. Exhaustion
    6. Fever
Step 3:
W4H Testing
Wellness for Humanity
  • We Come to You!
  • CLIA Certified Administrators Test all Attendees Before Entrance
  • Antigen Test Used to Test for Active Virus in 15 Minutes
  • Health Concierge On-Site
Step 4:
Trust Pass
Wellness for Humanity
  • All Tested Attendees are Emailed QR Trust Pass Health Code for Safe Entry


A movement driven tour to showcase that we all can reunite combining ancient techniques with cutting edge science in an unforgettable one day health & wellness safety gathering.

  1. Showcasting that gatherings can be safe even during unprecedented times.
  2. Revolutionizing event safety with the latest Antigen Testing solutions from Wellness 4 Humanity.
  3. Raising funds for people without access to testing through GoFundMe.
  4. Collaborating with businesses that have been impacted, so they can reengage their customers.
  5. Bringing hope to artists and venues by allowing them a safe solution for live events.
  6. Educating the public on immunity & health protection (biohacking) through transformational experiences lead by interactive instructors.
  7. Providing accessibility to everyone. Free events and live streams recording.
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