We've created a model and package to make opening your own pop up lab easy! The more locations we can open, the more information we can collect on the virus and take control of our reality.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to implement safety testing and solutions so that society returns to normal and humanity thrives again. Our mission is only attainable if we share our model with as many people as possible. We believe everyone can benefit from the opportunity created by the void of the COVID-19 pandemic. By opening your own W4H testing site, you will provide a valuable resource to your community, gain the experience of making a positive impact during the pandemic, and create a financial opportunity to thrive during these uncertain times. The more operators that share and join our mission, the more people we can reach and empower. This allows for more access to innovative ideas that create a bigger brand to help bring health and wellness back to the people. The public will feel safer returning to events and work, the economy will grow, and most importantly, our mental and physical well-being will thrive.

The Demand

Health and wellness is one of the fastest growing segments of alternative health care. Our goal is to put the power and health back in the hands of the people by delivering the idea of bio-hacking (taking control of your body's biology) to the masses. According to 2018 data collected by the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is valued at $4.2 trillion with $639b being spent on wellness tourism alone. The global wellness industry grew by 6.4 percent annually from 2015-2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market, about twice as fast as global economic growth annually of 3.6 percent (based on IMF data). Because of COVID-19 this industry has become even more relevant as people actively search for immunity and prevention solutions.

Wellness tourism is $639b not 828 based on that data.

  • 65+ years of combined business knowledge and value
  • Franchising
  • Licensing
  • Wholesale
  • Hospitality
  • Events
  • Tech
  • Successful exit plan
  • Ground up business design
Simple Model
  • Proven Model: predictable revenue model that has worked in Atlanta, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Hawaii
  • Minimal Start Up Costs: financing options available
  • Minimal Inventory Purchase: minimal to track and hold
  • Quick shipments
  • Fair Corporate Split: your success is our success
  • Digital Web Based Patient Files: easy to access & download operator content
  • Convenient Hours of Operation
  • User Friendly Software: designed to be simple yet efficient
  • HQ Support: hands on team available to help at any hour

meet the people

Atlanta Team

Greg Chickneas

Greg Chickneas

About Greg

Greg Chickneas brings over 15 years professional experience in business, construction project management and energy efficiency solutions. Greg was the national director of lighting for Gexpro, a subsidiary of GE, with over 100 sales teams under him globally and thousands of suppliers trying to push their products into large scale distribution. He also is a serial entrepreneur.

He started his first business while in college, a highly successful e-commerce automotive aftermarket parts company targeting Nissan vehicle owners. He grew the gross sales to over $5MM in less than 5 years and then joined the corporate world with Felippe at GE.

Greg’s role at Wellness for Humanity is primarily operations and management. Greg is responsible for opening and managing Wellness For Humanity locations and implementing a playbook that includes everything from staff sourcing, product pricing, marketing, accounting, employee management, supply management and overall daily management operations of our first W4H Buckhead Atlanta wellness clinic and all expansion centers to come. He is an exceptional operator who always brings impressive results.



About Felippe

In 2016, Greg and Felippe left the corporate world together to start their first entrepreneurial endeavor of many with F45 Training, as franchisees, and became immediately successful, establishing their first F45 studio as the highest grossing F45 studio in the world within 6 months. While still owning and operating F45 studios, Felippe and Greg were introduced to Wellness For Humanity (W4H) by one of their investors and immediately saw the potential to help the community nationally on a large scale and appreciated the business model.



About Heather

Helping others has always been a passion for Heather as she saw it first hand growing up with parents both in the medical field. This passion led her to the field of Anesthesia, and she graduated as a physician assistant anesthetist from Emory University School of Medicine. Through her career, Heather began to see many inefficiencies in the healthcare space and saw the immense opportunity to help others by tackling these critical issues. In 2019 she found an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for leading innovative change, so she founded a healthcare technology startup while continuing to practice Anesthesia.

However, once the pandemic hit, Heather was called to action to use her medical skills to help on the frontlines. In March and April, she lent a personal hand intubating and caring for critical Covid patients in an ICU. After witnessing how detrimental a novel virus can be to our healthcare system and population she realized Covid was here to stay. However, she soon realized we needed more than a vaccine as the solution.

She felt one of the hardest parts about working in the ICU was watching loved ones say "goodbye", virtually. Many patients regretted that they had not seen family members sooner, not hugged loved ones tighter, and not had more 'playtime' with friends. The value of hugs, personal touch, and enjoying events cannot be measured. Not only are we missing human connection again, but the economic impact of shutting down can be detrimental to small businesses and families.

When the opportunity to become a part of Wellness For Humanity was presented to her, she knew it was the perfect match for her. As the Wellness Director she believes knowledge and proper testing is how we will win this battle. Personal human interaction cannot be lost in this pandemic and she is passionate about making sure we can work, play, and travel safely together again. Making sure staff is up to date with the latest Covid information and that customers have a great understanding of which test is best for them or their situation is part of what makes this company above the rest. She embodies the Wellness For Humanity mission of providing society the knowledge, testing, and tools needed to allow us all to thrive once again.

Hawaii Operators

Danielle Kling

Danielle Kling

About Danielle

Danielle Kling graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manōa with a degree in Communicology and took an international management and merchandising job post college, opening new retail stores globally with Brandy Melville. Her passion has always been to inspire others to be able to obtain their best life, while using her passions to help them achieve health, happiness, and financial freedom. This lead her to OrangeTheory, where she has been committed to educating her clients and giving them the tools and inspiration to reach their highest potential. Her drive and problem solving skills during the COVID-19 pandemic brought her to Wellness 4 Humanity, where she was met with a business opportunity that matched her mission. Danielle specializes in all facets of business, providing hands on training & management, creating marketing and branding strategies, and creatively solving out of the box problems with her unique entrepreneurial drive and spirit for life.



About Pavel

Pavel is a purpose driven entrepreneur who views business as a lifestyle. He is respected in the business world for his innovative concepts and consulting leading to rapid sustainable expansion. He has proven time and time again his expertise thoughout all of his businesses with his most recent venture, OrangeTheory Fitness— successfully exiting out of six regions. His intention is to continue to unify people and create a positive impact on company culture.


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