We are a team of social entrepreneurs who originally sought out to open one of the most innovative wellness concepts incorporating functional medicine, science backed bio-hacking into all types of applications.

Our mission started with two revolutionary concepts: the world's first bio-hacking co-working space, and a scientifically advanced hotel and lifestyle space in Houston that would be a complete mecca for well-being. All the individuals involved in our endeavor have a passion for making the world a better place through social impact, business, company culture, and personal development using cutting edge science.

Just like the rest of the world, we pivoted to do what we can to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Uncertain times lead to out of the box thinking. We are not in business to watch more people get sick; we are in the business of changing people's lives. During the crisis, we could not just sit around and watch more people die when we had the resources to help...

Innovative companies like Dyson and Tesla pivoted to help produce products to fill supply shortages caused by the pandemic. How could Peak Space Labs ADAPT and utilize its resources to support the social needs caused by COVID-19?

Our entrepreneurial team, driven by making a social impact, quickly shifted focus to aiding in the urgency by providing COVID-19 tests to the public.

W4H is powered by Peak Space Labs and is part of Company of Nomads

Meet the Team

Lian Pham

Lian Nguyen Pham

About Lian

Lian Pham is a disruptor, biohacker, and daring entrepreneur. She utilizes innovative techniques and products to enhance health and wellness. Lian acts as a disruptor to make our lives better. She understands that the breakthroughs are in the unknown. Lian’s impact and thought leadership are boundaryless, transcending the status quo to drive quality of life, well-being, and success for humanity. Her personal bout with illness granted unsolicited insight into why private industry must work with the medical community-at-large to encourage preemptive methods; methods to maintain health, instead of curing illness. Her leadership and vision are expanding the city’s skyline, while supporting community resiliency and diversity. She believes mentorship in the workplace is essential, and the company's responsibility as a leader is to teach, train, and inspire.

Lian’s role as a mother of two has significantly changed her life and even her thinking about the world and what role she can play to make it better. Drawing from the foundational work ethic and moral compass that her parent’s imbued in her, Lian is always seeking new ways to create positive change.

Anh Mai

Anh Mai

About Anh

Anh is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in business and is a serial entrepreneur challenging the status quo. Providing cross-functional leadership across business areas from ideation to operations, he specializes in developing and launching unique concepts and creating the space and infrastructure for continued growth.

His proficiency in complex data analysis, software design, supply chain sourcing, and logics allows Wellness 4 Humanity to deploy quickly, and competently into the marketplace.

Pavel Stuchik

Pavel Stuchik

About Pavel

Pavel is a purpose driven entrepreneur who views business as a lifestyle. He is respected in the business world for his innovative concepts and consulting leading to rapid sustainable expansion.

He has proven time and time again his expertise thoughout all of his businesses with his most recent venture, OrangeTheory Fitness— successfully exiting out of six regions. His intention is to continue to unify people and create a positive impact on company culture.

Jesse Sandhu

Jesse Sandhu
Medical Director

About Jesse

Dr. Jesse Sandhu is a board certified emergency room physician who has been on staff at several of Miami's top hospitals including University of Miami, Baptist Hospital, and Cleveland Clinic Florida. He's a graduate of the University of Michigan who did his medical training and residency at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center & Sinai Grace Hospital. Dr. Sandhu has over 12 years of clinical experience in emergency medicine. In addition, he has also helped develop the most successful IV therapy clinic in Miami — Vitasquad.

Tired of the substandard patient experiences commonly seen in large hospital systems, Dr. Sandhu longed to deliver an ultra-high caliber healthcare encounter to every single patient. He knew the only way to accomplish this was to own and operate his own Emergency Room with like-minded physicians at a community level. Hence, he moved to Steamboat Springs to pilot his lifelong vision and bring his vast experience to a community he's grown to adore.